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The curriculum at Mulberry Canon Barnett is built around the principles of children being active learners and deep thinkers as they use questions as the starting point to extend and challenge their knowledge and understanding.

The curriculum is planned around prime learning challenges which are expressed as a question as the starting point. Using pre learning tasks and the school's context a series of subsidiary challenges are then planned. There are times when not all subjects support the prime learning challenge and children may study these discretely.

Continuity and progression in the curriculum is built in through following the year group expectations of the National Curriculum and through matrices which show essential knowledge, understanding and key skills.

The curriculum is planned to show where teachers apply English, maths and computing skills so that children are able to deepen their understanding of each of these core subjects.

The school follows the London Borough of Tower Hamlets RE syllabus and which is multi faith based. In KS2 children study Spanish as a modern foreign language. The school has a music teacher two days a week giving children a range of opportunities from composition to singing to learning the recorder. Every class has two PE lessons a week.

Within the learning challenges every year group will have opportunities for educational visits or working with partnership agencies such as Spitalfields Music in order to enhance the curriculum.

"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018