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Enhanced Curriculum Entitlement

At Mulberry Canon Barnett, we believe in offering children a curriculum that widens their life experiences and reveals the opportunities that are available to them. Some experiences we offer to all children every year and some are focused on specific year groups. Have a look to see what your child will be doing.

Each year we:


Celebrate lots of different celebrations including:


  • Watch caterpillars change into butterflies
  • Go on a trip to the moon!
  • Visit Spitalfield’s City Farm
  • Bake Bread
  • Visit a farm
  • Visit a Church
  • Plant flowers and watch them grow
  • Cook lots of delicious things to eat
  • Take part in a nativity and spring show
  • Go on a trip to see Buckingham Palace
  • Take part in Sports Day
  • Have the Fire Service visit
  • Have an end of year banquet
  • Have a Sports Day

Year 1

  • Go on a trip to see London’s landmarks
  • Visit a park three times to notice how seasons change
  • Plant bulbs in our roof garden and watched them bloom
  • Have a visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital
  • Visit The Transport Museum
  • Visit a mosque
  • Visit London’s Lighthouse in Trinity Buoy Wharf

Year 2

Year 3

  • Visit a Hindu Temple
  • Visit The Natural History Museum
  • Visit The British Museum
  • Visit The Imperial War Museum
  • Take a trip on The Thames Clipper
  • Grow plants from seeds in their classroom

Year 4

Year 5

  • Visit The Museum of Water and Steam
  • Visit the Maritime Museum
  • Visit The Museum of London
  • Visit the Victorian and Albert Museum
  • Take part in a local history walk

Year 6

  • Visit Kew Gardens
  • Visit Christchurch, Spitalfields
  • Take part in a local history walk
  • Visit The British Museum
  • Visit The Greenwich Observatory
  • Visit The immigration museum
  • Take part in an end of year performance
  • Take part in a graduation ceremony

Community Partnerships

We are very privileged and proud to work with a number of partners who help to widen the children’s experiences. These include:

  • Spitalfields Music
  • The Broadgate Trust
  • The Country Trust
  • The Literacy Trust
  • Toynbee Hall
  • Toynbee Studies
  • The Huguenot Society
  • BADU coaches
  • E1 schools partnership
  • The Aldgate in Winter Festival
  • The School Counselling service
  • Teddy Bear Hospital
  • The Royal Academy of Music

We are always keen to make connections with new businesses and ventures and this list is constantly growing.

"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018