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develop Partnership

Did you know that software engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the world? Canon Barnett are delighted to have partnered with develop, who are donating STEM toys and resources to introduce children to coding to provide them with early opportunities in tech.

"We are really thrilled to be a part of this amazing project, we feel extremely grateful the develop team reached out to our school. This unique opportunity means that we can carefully plan our curriculum to motivate the pupils to learn about software engineering using high quality stem toys.

I think the vision of develop is very powerful, if the seed is planted early children will feel inspired to learn and this will hopefully direct them to explore their interests further as they move through their educational journey and future career. Our children at Canon Barnett need experiences like this, I am really excited to see where it will take us!"

- Immaculada Matthews, Headteacher

"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018