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Talent Friday - 17th June 2022

We feel so happy that assemblies are now back in person with the whole school together. It means that we can reignite Talent Friday, something the children love! It is an opportunity to share and celebrate all of the unique talents Canon Barnett pupils have to offer. This week we were very fortunate to watch and listen to Zahraa in year six play the clarinet, she performed a familiar piece that many pupils recognise from the Harry Potter films. It was quite amazing the skills that Zahraa demonstrated, not only playing the clarinet but reading music too, doing it infront of the school was very impressive too. Performance skills are very important for children, it can support them to build confidence and prepare them for the presentation skills they will require as they go through their educational journey and future careers. Well done Zahraa, we are all incredibly proud of you.


Saffiyah-Y6A - You were amazing 🤩

Kitty - Wow nice

Nilima - Well done Zahraa, for overcoming your stage fear. Very proud of you.

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- Ofsted, March 2018