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Early Years

Mulberry Canon Barnett Early Years Foundation Stage is a safe, fun and stimulating place to learn, where everyone is welcome. We believe that very powerful learning begins here, in a dynamic and exciting environment. By building secure relationships with children and parents we endeavor to build trust so that children can be challenged in all the areas of learning, reaching their maximum potential and exceeding the high expectations set.

We take pride in respecting and listening to each child who comes into the Early Years. We celebrate diversity and consider each child as unique. We foster children's enthusiasm and aim for each child to leave the early years as a happy, confident and active learner who has built positive relationships that flourish beyond their experiences with us.

We firmly believe that teaching is not only concerned with delivering the Early Years curriculum, but shaping and nurturing children to lead a rewarding life, whilst making a positive contribution to society.

"Learning activities meet pupils' needs and interests and provides them with appropriate challenge, including for the most able pupils."

- Ofsted, March 2018