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The Enormous Turnip

How many people will it take to harvest the enormous turnip? Watch Early Year's Spring show to find out...


Nuhaa - Amazing work my class


Arwa - Well done , The Early Years have been wonderful again this year.

khayrah - Cool

Zak3/4 - Loved it so much!!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀

Zak 3/4 - Well done, thank you for the performance of the the enormous turnip 😀😀👍

Jackie - Just wachted your show again, fantastic performance everyone.

Arija - This one was the best one ever

Safreen Latif - I enjoyed playing the part of a flower in the play🌻🌻

Amirah Year 6 - A very great effort from all the children in the Early Years performance. Was great to see all the children and has reminded me of myself when i was little in Canon Barnett. Can't believe it was my last show from the Early Years classes until I leave CB

khadija3/4 - I LOVE IT, it's great to watch it again and again

Sarah Jane\'s mum and dad - Wow! What a great show..... We are watching this all the way from Yorkshire, superstar performers!!!

Aneesa Class 6 - I can\'t believe I missed such an amazing performance. I can see how much work and effort was put in this show. I think you put on a brill- tastic (brilliant and fantastic) production.

khadija - Great work ☺

Laura - I am a very proud teacher - children, you all worked so hard and are true superstars! Well done to you all 👏🌟🎭

Yasmin - Such an amazing performance! The children were amazing, such talented youngsters. Can not wait till the next show!

Radeea 3/4 - Wow that was amazing!

raj L Rahman - Great work guys, 5-stars!

Shuma - What a shame I missed the show! I\'m stuck at home unwell...however, the show was a blast! Just watched it now so well done to early years! Hooray!

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- Ofsted, March 2018